Sketch 3, Paintcode and audio UI/UX mysteries

When I was around 13-18 I taught myself how to use fireworks and Photoshop to create my own party flyers, forum signatures and photo editing. I never thought that those beginner skills would helped learn Sketch 3 and paintcode fast. I bought for $39 a course on Udemy to learn from A to Z sketch 3, I gave that course 5/5 star review because it was very well explained and fast paced.


figure 1

Something that was a mystery for me for years was HOW on earth do you design and program user interface on music software. There’s no straight answer on the internet(idk why) but people use software like Photoshop and fireworks to create the design, look and software like paint code to program the movement of the button. You create each part of the user interface and export each part so it can become animated and programmed such as sliders, knobs, led buttons, buttons, etc.. YIKES! Another piece of the puzzle.

That course gave me the tools to design a better UI for the beat maker app as you can see in figure 1. I created the pads with some texture to look more real and this is the first draft.

Bitfountain Auto Layout Course Review

Auto Layout was a very mysterious tool and it felt like another programming language to learn, but I was able to learn all the mysteries with this course. Bitfountain offers a $25 video course and I completed most of the course. They teach you the foundamentals from different ways of doing constraints i.e NSLayoutConstraint, anchors, Mainstory board constraints and VFL. I think it was lacking MORE exercises for each topic, but for $25 I do think its great value.

The best investment is in yourself!!!

aaaand I just bought sketch 3 and a course on udemy.

My sanctuary in Fort Worth


This is my studio apartment where I learn and sit for hours after work, I only have what’s necessary such as: An imac, kitchen, good sound system, clothes, bed and just healthy food on the fridge. A lot of friends get alienated because I don’t have a Tv, game console, a pet or any other unnecessary stuff that people buy. I live on the top floor to sleep good 7-8 hours and pay $1200, i know that’s expensive but I believe its important where you live. Its VERY close to my job, gym, store,  restaurants, river, park, bars, etc… and maybe it can be bad because of temptation(partying) sometimes. I love this place and I enjoy it every day, this is where I’m pursuing my dreams and I’m willing to sacrifice to live in a good apartment, a fancy car isn’t that important to me. I keep my apartment clean by the help of a roomba robot(can’t wait for the future robot chef) and keep my fridge full of chicken and carrots.

In one year I will be in Dallas in another apartment and I’m planning where to live.


So here’s my first audio app, its a  simple drum pads with sounds loaded and I feel very proud of it. I learned how to use AVAudioPlayer and PaintCode for the buttons, it appears that it has 0 ms sound latency but around 150ms latency when I use bluetooth headphones.


On another note, I finished the nerd ranch programming book and I think is a great book to start learning IOS programming. I’m waiting for the updated standford course and finally finish that course. On the meantime I’m learning protocol oriented programming and learning more about the framework audioKit.




I started a Stanford class on IOS development, but I came across a roadblock and I think is because the class is outdated from the new swift 2.1. I changed strategy and started reading other swift books from the big nerd ranch guide and I think they’re really good tutorials I’m half done with both books(IOS programming and swift book) after finishing those two books I will try to create a simple prank app.

Other notable small achievements are:

-I was able to wake up at 5am and study on the mornings before work.

-started to eat more to increase muscle size currently at ~170lb.

-I didn’t played too much video games.

-started meditating 15min a day.

-I think my English communication skills improved.

Update on my journey



Happy 2016

I stopped posting because I was very busy with the holidays and I finished the Audio Signal processing from coursera(free) in November.Also I completed a nano degree from Udacity in Beginning in IOS development($200 cost) to learn the basics on building apps for apple and it was very challenging.

I’m still not sure where I want to move, I wanted to go to Barcelona, Austin and now Dallas. I guess it’s part of the process of being a confused young person, but I’m sure by next year I will be somewhere else.

On my path to learn Audio signal processing I started to learn audio on the iphone and played with some 3rd party frameworks such as: Audiokit. Then I notice that I needed more practice on my Swift skills and I’m doing the Stanford class Iphone/ipad apps(CS193P)(free), its a very challenging course, but I think after the 17 lectures and assignments I will be ready to develop some basic audio apps on the IOS.


  • My discipline has improved +
  • started eating more clean chicken and less meat +
  • I feel that my English speaking skills improved +
  • On my way to pay off my students loans aggressively +($15k to go)
  • emergency fund ready($1k)
  • -I went back and played 2 video games for 1 hour max each week-(that’s a minus point)


You can find the Stanford course on iTunes University app.


Small update

I started working out less(a maximum of 3 times per week) to focus more on studying and next month is my 25th birthday. I don’t really know how my life will turn out to be, but as the quote says “A bad decision is better than no decision at all.”. I’d been thinking of quitting my job and move to Austin and try and make something work instead of going to Spain. I want to focus 100% on making audio apps and making money by solving other people’s problems. Its very hard to leave my comfortable 9-5 and go risk to run out of money, but what’s the worse that it can happen? go back to a 9-5?.

Maybe its my gut telling me to go for adventure… In the meantime i will save money and complete my audio DSP course.


Week 3 from the course “audio signal processing” is kicking my butt. It’s like taking a time machine back to my probability class(I hated that hard class) and signals class. We’re learning more deeply about the Fourier transform and its properties. I spent around 7 hours in ONE problem!!!!

In another note my GF of 6 years broke up with me and I’m trying to stay as busy as possible to try to get better at this biz. Today Saturday, I’m going out to a nightclub after I review some of the concepts that I learned today in the class. I hope to have  great time and try and forget my break up…

I always say this to myself:

“It’s about the long term vision that I have for my self”

until next time


Back to the grind

Today I’m going to finish my Fourier transform homework on the audio signal processing class on coursera. The class description says you should put 8/10 hrs to the class, but i’m sure I put in more than 10hrs. In another note, I’m making plans to move to Barcelona in about 12 months and get my masters degree in Sound and Music Computing using my personal savings and selling my car. The program is one year and I see a lot of value in that experience that I can create for myself.

The Pomodoro technique

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 7.36.36 PM

I started using this technique a couple weeks ago to make it a habit to study or work for 25 minutes and a small break of 5 minutes for long hours. This is the best system that works for me to be productive and to focus when trying to learn something difficult. The app costs $3 bucks from the app store and is available in IOS and OSX, I highly recommend it!

Today, I feel tired but I’m writing a convolver C++ application from the book “Designing audio effects in C++” by Will Pirkle. It’s not an easy, but I’m in page 277 which I feel very proud of myself.