APPSTORE release and first sale!

Finally, my app ‘Loop maker’ it’s in the app store new and alive! It took me long time to build it since I got distracted with objective c and another framework that later was deprecated. It was a long process but I learned a lot from ux to low level core audio and dealing with the tedious appstore. I’m getting downloads but not in app purchases, maybe I should get better at marketing or make a bigger product. Anyway I feel great, proud, and energetic! I also I made my first sale, can I call myself an entrepreneur?

link for app: Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.07.17 PM.png

I presented my app to app developers meetup group and met many developers, it was nice to network. I noticed that I suck at presenting my own projects so I should work on my public speaking skills and my English.

Change of plans now! Haha wow life doesn’t go as planned isn’t… I had to give my parents money and I got offered an interesting job for my next rotation “Radio access network engineer”. The reason I say it’s a good option it’s because I’m moving to an apartment that its 680/month instead of 1200/month which aligns to my goals of being an entrepreneur. I’m not going to have to pay $125 for parking and $30 for the gym which brings my cost of living way low. I also finished paying off my car loan(12k) and next it’s my student loan(4k). 

My studio apartment will look like an office and I can already see friends saying “this is where you live?”, but I don’t care. I don’t care about traveling. I don’t care about having a beer after work. I don’t care about watching Netflix. I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about Religion. I don’t care about kids. I don’t care about the news. I don’t care about mortgages. I don’t care about the new Nintendo. I care about changing my life and I’m willing to work for it.

I’m already thinking on my next app idea…

Climbing Core Audio


Core Audio

I encountered a huge roadblock to finish my toy app and that its ‘offline rendering’, I can’t do that with AVFoundation. So I had to revisit the book “Learning core audio” by Chris Adamson which I tried to read a while ago to only don’t understand anything. Now I was able to understand the book and create cool stuff such as reading Floats from an audio file and plot a waveform  happy. I think I’m barely starting to get momentum and that helps with learning concepts faster.


It’s very easily to get discouraged to know all the time/effort it takes to build something simple and see all the people that have done it already. The secret is to only focus on yourself and DO IT ANYWAY, you learn as you go. Another thing is that swift 3 is a new language and it adds excitement because something hasn’t been done in swift.

I code every day and try to go to bed knowing a little bit more about swift or audio. In my mind I keep telling that is like going to the gym/dieting, the more work you put in the more you get out. Even though I’m not a fitness enthusiast I’m an audio maniac!!!!!! I would love to just take a year off and do work every hour but I have loans to pay  .


There’s a of strong feeling of fulfillment when I’m doing my own thing, a feeling that I felt every day when I was making music/DJing when I was a teenager. Today that feeling is there when I put in work and I make a code work, or learned something that I can apply. Maybe that’s the reason people say “it’s about the journey, not the destination”.  You have to like what you’re doing and willing to do it every god damn day (notice I didn’t say passion).

I have a lot of fuel to change my life for the better, even though going to college and getting a good job already has provided me with %100 better conditions of living and opportunities… I want MORE. I want to be able to an expert in my field and be able to help people.

You have to do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it until the job gets done.

First year

Life by design

Today it’s been a year since I started blogging about learning audio programming and I did learned a lot about audio. This year I learned a lot about distractions and the resistance to grow, I can say it was a very productive year with some mistakes of course. This year I absorbed all information I could about audio and it wasn’t easy because a lot of the stuff was way over my head, but some was easy to understand thanks to my previous experience as music producer and college education. Even though I feel that I barely scratched the surface about audio I should celebrate the small wins and never quit. I started by taking online classes on audio, DSP and programming in IOS.

Currently I’m making a ‘toy app’ which simply morphs your voice, but the first idea was to make that as an app extension for the imessage app until I discovered that I couldn’t use the microphone for extensions, so I had to change. Even though it’s a very simple app and there’s tons in the appstore like it, I just want to finish it and have something out there. The app it’s almost finished and I just need to do the tedious work of the app (variations of voice effects) and final details. I used swift 3.0 to program the app and it wasn’t very hard to make since it’s a high level language, but I learned a lot and hopefully someone will download it and like it, if I can make a couple bucks out of it I will consider that a success. I’m going to use search ads in the appstore to learn more about marketing (you pay to learn), and get instant feedback. “You can read all you want about swimming, but until you jump into the pool you will learn how to swim” that’s my motto for anything, we get stuck reading about everything and never making our own conclusions. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF AND MAKE YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS!

Focus to finish

I need to focus more on one thing at a time, finish it and stick to it till completion or death. That’s something very important I learned as a music producer, I would start dozens of cool music loops but lost interest when expanding that loop into a full song. I learned that the completed songs stuck to me forever even if no one heard some of the songs, I felt proud and felt good. I don’t remember all the hundreds loops I did and I became so good at making badass loops but not badass songs, so the same thing we can say about building apps, or any other endeavor. Just finish it and get it out there!!!!

One of the biggest enemies of success is our own resistance to simply sit down and do work as perfectly stated in the book “war of art” a great book that I gave as a gift to my brother. One of my struggles are doing work in the weekends, I just can’t dedicate my weekend nights to work, when I want to be out and be social. During the weekdays I have no problem coming from work, microwave my already prepared chicken and focus on work on my side project until 10pm(sleep time), I guess it’s a great habit I built. On weekends it’s another story and its when I wash clothes, clean, meal prep, work out (frid,sat,sun) and I do some distracted work (by work I don’t mean my full time job) .

When I go out with friends I try to do it the “smart” way, by going out late 11pm-12pm and only if I know it’s going to be a fun night. I don’t go to the bar to just have a beer or hang out to have a beer or come home after work to have a beer and watch the game. Time is the most important thing in my life and I want to spend it wisely, that’s why I stopped going out on Thursday, Sunday and sometimes Friday when the newness of moving to a new city wears off.

My biggest focus is my dreams.

Things to be thankful about

Sometimes we compare ourselves to the top 1% of successful people and we don’t feel that we accomplished anything in life. I think it’s a very painful way to live and always comparing yourself to others and we forget our own achievements even if they’re small. I’m thankful I have health, I’m thankful I’m months away from paying my student loans and car loan, I’m thankful I have a cushy mid ~70k job (40hr), I’m thankful I have my parents, I’m thankful I’m moving to Dallas (I liked ft worth) in 7 months, I’m thankful I’m dating someone cool, I’m thankful I live alone and I’m thankful that I’m pursuing my dreams (at least half time). I’m thankful but not complacent, I want more of the good stuff and more requires hard work.






DSP class

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 7.22.49 PM.png


It’s been a while but I’m still in the struggle to learn audio DSP and last week I started my online DSP certification from UCSD and its three classes: DSP 1, Applied DSP and Wireless DSP. I’m currently taking DSP 1 and there’ s a lot of stuff that I already know from my signals classes from college, but this time is different because I have a purpose. When I was in college I was too distracted by girls, stress from other classes and my internships, but this time I have more time to dedicate most of my time to fully learn the concepts. Hopefully in the future I am able to write my own audio effects algorithms or at least to understand what’s under the hood. Sometimes I feel I’m not going fast enough, but I have to understand that things that are worth it takes YEARS. This past month I failed a lot to wake up at 5am, I was feeling too tired, but I am still on the game. “You only fail if you quit.”

In another note, I been learning more about core audio and I found a way to create a sequencer with musicSequence and AuGraph. Also I been playing with the new messages extension(ios 10) and I want to create a simple app that morphs your voice and sends it quick through the imessage app. It seems that the msmessage framework doesn’t work well right now, so I will wait until it’s released to the public and create that app.

Another goal that I want to achieve is to stop going out on Fridays and only go out on Saturdays, the problem about moving to a big city is distractions. Friends always invite me to places and since I live close to the bars and stuff I give up easily. My next apartment will be in a more calm area but close to downtown, because I’m moving in March 2017. Other thing that I’m happy with is about my debt is going down quick and I predict I will be debt free by April 2017. When I was in college I bought a bunch of stuff I didn’t need and now I’m paying for it plus interest. After being debt free I think I will have more confidence to start a risky idea and don’t be afraid of losing my job.

When you’re pursuing your dream you’re living the dream, enjoy the process.


Great introduction on how apple handles audio with core audio

Moving to more advance stuff


April was a creative month and I half finished the app for the ipad.I added some delay knobs to the beat maker and I found a deal breaker. I was using audiokit framework for swift and I found sound latency. Now I’m going to try the amazing audio engine 2 in objective c and try to do a better app with low latency. Maybe it was the way I coded the app i don’t know and I want to know about what’s under the hood.

Currently I’m learning the amazing audio engine 2 in objective c, so its a big learning curve to learn objective c and the way the engine works. I have a feeling that I have a better understanding on how the audio works now. I’m trying to understand more about the buffer and how it stores and send the audio, maybe im making more complex things that are simple stuff I don’t know. I read the first chapters of “The Audio programming book” and “learning core audio”, but the books need way more time because everything is in C, but soon I will get there. I took a class in college “software design 1” in 2011 which I got a B and it was taught by a very challenging professor. In conclusion I will try and create the beatmaker with the amazing audio engine 2 with better functions.

I’m thinking of doing a certification in DSP from univ of San Diego which consists of three classes: DSP 1, Applied DSP and wireless DSP. It sounds fun and challenging but it will require a lot of focus, I think these classes will help me have better understanding in Digital signal processing. I’m not excited about the math and paying $750 per class, but I really want to learn this stuff. That certification may bring better employment opportunities, I don’t really want a job but to build audio products.Maybe in the future that certification will give make me seem more valuable if I ever do any consulting type of work, being the type of person that charges $500 an hour thats the dream! I’m blessed that I have a low stress/boring job which pays great, so I have the time to learn the things I want to learn.

In terms of fitness I’m still consistent and feel healthy, I go to the gym three times a week and eat relatively good.

I’m not going to give up on my dreams! 

I will build GREAT audio products and sell a lot of them.

In another note, I had great experiences when I go out partying and I try to do it the smart way(not wasting time ). I kind of miss playing video games and chilling, but I can’t I must sacrifice If I want to pursue my dream and have some social life. I keep myself busy all the time learning and building, I really want to be an entrepreneur.

On being alone

I don’t feel alone because I surround myself with friends and like minded people, I love living alone. People are scared of living alone and they never give themselves the opportunity to know themselves and I really recommend that everyone live alone for a couple years. People go from mommy to move in with in with a girlfriend, but I understand its scary and you feel you will never be with someone, but thats not true it just takes time to get used to it. One day I will look back and I will cherish the moments when I lived alone, I don’t know or maybe I will be alone forever. The only think that should be in my mind is to push forward everyday!

My sanctuary in Fort Worth


This is my studio apartment where I learn and sit for hours after work, I only have what’s necessary such as: An imac, kitchen, good sound system, clothes, bed and just healthy food on the fridge. A lot of friends get alienated because I don’t have a Tv, game console, a pet or any other unnecessary stuff that people buy. I live on the top floor to sleep good 7-8 hours and pay $1200, i know that’s expensive but I believe its important where you live. Its VERY close to my job, gym, store,  restaurants, river, park, bars, etc… and maybe it can be bad because of temptation(partying) sometimes. I love this place and I enjoy it every day, this is where I’m pursuing my dreams and I’m willing to sacrifice to live in a good apartment, a fancy car isn’t that important to me. I keep my apartment clean by the help of a roomba robot(can’t wait for the future robot chef) and keep my fridge full of chicken and carrots.

In one year I will be in Dallas in another apartment and I’m planning where to live.

Small update

I started working out less(a maximum of 3 times per week) to focus more on studying and next month is my 25th birthday. I don’t really know how my life will turn out to be, but as the quote says “A bad decision is better than no decision at all.”. I’d been thinking of quitting my job and move to Austin and try and make something work instead of going to Spain. I want to focus 100% on making audio apps and making money by solving other people’s problems. Its very hard to leave my comfortable 9-5 and go risk to run out of money, but what’s the worse that it can happen? go back to a 9-5?.

Maybe its my gut telling me to go for adventure… In the meantime i will save money and complete my audio DSP course.


Week 3 from the course “audio signal processing” is kicking my butt. It’s like taking a time machine back to my probability class(I hated that hard class) and signals class. We’re learning more deeply about the Fourier transform and its properties. I spent around 7 hours in ONE problem!!!!

In another note my GF of 6 years broke up with me and I’m trying to stay as busy as possible to try to get better at this biz. Today Saturday, I’m going out to a nightclub after I review some of the concepts that I learned today in the class. I hope to have  great time and try and forget my break up…

I always say this to myself:

“It’s about the long term vision that I have for my self”

until next time


Back to the grind

Today I’m going to finish my Fourier transform homework on the audio signal processing class on coursera. The class description says you should put 8/10 hrs to the class, but i’m sure I put in more than 10hrs. In another note, I’m making plans to move to Barcelona in about 12 months and get my masters degree in Sound and Music Computing using my personal savings and selling my car. The program is one year and I see a lot of value in that experience that I can create for myself.

The Pomodoro technique

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 7.36.36 PM

I started using this technique a couple weeks ago to make it a habit to study or work for 25 minutes and a small break of 5 minutes for long hours. This is the best system that works for me to be productive and to focus when trying to learn something difficult. The app costs $3 bucks from the app store and is available in IOS and OSX, I highly recommend it!

Today, I feel tired but I’m writing a convolver C++ application from the book “Designing audio effects in C++” by Will Pirkle. It’s not an easy, but I’m in page 277 which I feel very proud of myself.