Month: December 2017

Debt-free feeling

There’s no greater feeling  knowing that tomorrow I don’t have to go to soulless-ville Corporate America, that you want to be early to work because you want to and not because you have to impress somebody for that 3% raise. Even tho a startup is still a job, having that flexibility makes me happy and motivated for the future. Each day is a new challenge and a new thing to learn that can help you gain your freedom in the future. I’m coming to a point where I’m willing to give all short-term material things to pursue the dream and be a winner to myself. Maybe I’m changing where I don’t care that much what people thing of me and I care more what my little voice inside me is yelling.

In late 2018 I definitely will go all-in for my dream and I will work 24/7 for those dreams and I know I got what it takes, because I showed myself that I can work for long periods of time and still have the energy to hit the gym, work on my side projects and wake up early. I know I can outwork people and be smarter. This is the year because I will have savings and a laser focus mentality to do only one thing which is work for my autonomy. My savings should last me one year to fill my biggest potential and if I fail I will definitely be another person more smarter and more brave, I think its worth it!

I bet there’s more people that feel the same way, but they’re trapped with things like a debt, etc… I remember when I had student/car loan and I was a different person, I was more afraid, more compliant, more ‘nice’, so yeah being debt free changes you in a good way I think. A lot had to do in a period of my life where my parents had a mortgage(worst debt) and they always struggled to keep the American facade . It was and still is a tough life for them, but it taught me the value of being debt-free. Sure sometimes you see your friends in a new shiny luxurious car and it makes you want to go to the dealership and buy a newer one for 36 easy payments of $700. After being influenced in some way I pause, remember the feeling of being in debt and the feeling of keeping up with the joneses goes away.

Going to the unknown its scary, but it excites me and makes me feel some kind of way amazing when I know that’s where you meet new people, new experiences, new emotions, new sweet memories and more importantly you evolve.