Startup life

Oh… hi! its been 2 months with no update and thats because I been busting my ass at the startup I was hired. I’m learning tons and my mobile programming skills are going to the next level on a fast track. I wish I got hired there after college instead of going to the soul less that is corporate america. I’m learning more about android, ios, source control, provisioning, certificates, product development, management, tools like jira, trello, work under stress and soon continuous integration.

I moved to downtown Dallas and I never been happier in my life, I’m able to walk everywhere since I hate driving and my job is crossing the street. This is the life I’m going to fight for forever and I hope to never go back to a gray cubicle for a big company. Currently my goals are to save the most amount money I can to invest in the near future, I want to have a 1 year Fuck you fund and the most amount of knowledge.

My audio podcast app is almost finished, at least the logic behind it and next is to beautify and add settings to the app. I’m not going to lie, but sometimes I’m tired from programming all day at the startup. But I know that’s just a limiting belief and that gets fixed with a 20 min nap. Another goal is I have to eat out less and learn how to cook fast but delicious meals, because everything in downtown is way more expensive. Another thing to improve is to focus more on the weekends and go out less.

I really want to have a better life and be able to take care of my parents in the future. I know I will do my best in which ever path I choose and I promise to myself to NEVER be a cubicle slave again. I will work double! to never go back to that sad uninspired gray life. For now I will focus on saving money and learning lots! I will never give up…. You only fail when you quit.

Something amazing: Recruiters are asking me for interviews for ios development every day i get new interview offers and the weird thing when I was an engineer, NO ONE WANTED ME or was looking at my profile.


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