I got hired as an iOS developer for a startup!

I haven’t been updating my blog because I got hooked developing a podcast player (which Im still developing). When I started learning iOS it was never my intention to become a developer for a startup, but I started getting more boring responsibilities at my current engineering job and I needed to focus more of my attention on growing/taking risks on myself instead of checking spreadsheets. So I saw this position for a Jr. mobile developer on indeed.com and I got an interview the next day and hired on the spot. I saw great potential to grow with the startup, more potential to impact people’s lives and learn more about iOS. 

I took a pay cut because I believe on what they do and the team looks happy to be there. I know whatever I learn and apply myself it will help me for the challenging future. I know I will have to work way more than my current RF position, but I know it will be worth it. I don’t know if in the future I want to have a startup, a small business, or be a freelancer, but I do know I want to be somebody and I’m willing to take the risk.

Now I do think what helped me to get the job was my soft skills and to be likable i.e.: Smiling, be excited, asking questions, looking sharp, be in shape, current projects and have an app in the App Store to show(source code included). As well they saw that I was single with no responsibilities and they needed someone hungry willing to grind/learn. So I’m moving to downtown and my job will be within walking distance. I really HATE commuting, is the most soul crushing thing and not to mention you share the road with neurotic/crazy human beings.

So sometimes you have to take the opportunities that are in front in you and give your best. I learned to stop thinking about how the future should look like, because it will never be like you imagined and enjoy the moment.  

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