Last minute Post

It’s almost June and I almost forgot to write a post this month, times goes by so fast. Anyway I been having a great time here in Addison making some coins and paying debts which next month I will be debt free forever, debt kills dreams…sigh. Also I look more muscular since I have more opportunity to lift and sleep a bit more by only going to the gym 3x a week for 1hr.

I love having flexibility on my job, but I really want to work from home everyday. I don’t mind working all day as long i don’t have to commute to an office full of bright incandescent lights. Currently I work from home 2 days and its a blast to waking up to not having to rush and fight traffic half asleep. Waking up to the smell of coffee and the sound of birds or minimal music in my quiet studio apartment.The dream….  Maybe it will get old? I don’t know but I love it and I will fight for this kind of lifestyle.

On programming I been trying different ideas. One is to make a podcast app with a new feature and another is to make apps for radio stations. I wrote a sales letter to a radio station for a great looking app and see if they respond. I read books like No B.S. by Dan Kennedy and I really like its No B.S. teaching style about copywriting. Another book is Unscripted by MJ Demarco and its about how society condition us to be consumers. Also I tried to validate my idea of the podcast app by using google Adwords, Facebook ads and I can see that there’s “so so” demand, maybe my copywriting was not strong enough. I will build it and see what happens. I want to be great!

I been thinking that I want to focus more and learn how to actually learn how to spot needs/problems and then build the app for it. I don’t want to build for nobody, I don’t care what other programmers say like “build stuff you love”, see I love that people find useful what I have to offer and be able to eat well everyday. So I will need to learn more about marketing and try more “salesy” stuff.

WWDC is next week! Ready to break everything out there with Swift 4, but I’m excited to see what’s new.

Time to work!

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