New location

Finally, I moved to Addison, TX and so far everything is going great with my job. The food in the cafeteria is delicious and cheap, I don’t have to pay $125 for parking, the gym is not a franchise(crowded) and traffic is not bad at all! My work seems to have a lot of flexibility, so that will give me a great opportunity to get in great shape and save a lot of money. I feel more happy and energetic, I felt I was dying inside at my job in Fort Worth. I feel I can learn more rewarding things at this new job which is RF stuff, I always wanted to learn all these antennas stuff.

At the same time, I almost lost my momentum programming audio, since I didn’t program in 4 days while I was moving to Addison. It’ amazing how quick can you lose something that it took you a lot of time to build such as good habits, but it feels good to be back on the grind. Currently I’m trying to build an audio editor app and I learned that simple things take so much time to build or maybe I’m a slow programmer.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because I still need to get used to this new environment, but at the same time I can’t rest on my laurels. What matters is always to strive for a better life and say no to a lot distractions. The only thing I really struggle to stop doing is going out with friends and socialize on Saturday night since it gets very lonely at programming, just you and your computer painting pixels on the screen. It can feel that everything you’re doing is a waste of time and some dude in China who has no life already did it better and for free, but I have to trust the process.

Things…. take time! MASSIVE Action and MASSIVE Patience.

On another note, something that I’m trying to improve consistently is my people skills. Sometimes I can be very introverted person, but when I’m happy I’m very extroverted. It’s a weird dynamic that I must become an expert in, people skills are everything. Specially that English is my second language, I want to be able to articulate better sentences, to say things quickly and to kill my inner shyness.

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