Birthday month

November 12 was 26th birthday  and remember that drum machine I was trying to build in the beginning of 2016? I’m almost done with all the processing. I committed myself to learn some parts of core audio and the amazing audio engine 2(deprecated). I hired a graphic designer in upwork to do the user interface for me, focus on your strengths right? I still need to create the waveform logic, sequencer UI, menu integration and load audio from sample kits.

Creating apps is a very laborious work and it takes as 10x time to build if you don’t know what it takes. Sometimes it feels that I am going too slow and I haven’t release an app in a year, but I have to be patient as Gary Vee says.

Machine Learning

Another very interesting area  that I had been looking into for some time is Machine learning with audio or music also called Music Information Retrieval. After I completed and marketed my app I will study more of this subject and try to build a useful app with it. Everyone is talking about how robots are learning, going to take over the world and I see some great innovations with machine learning.

Digital signal processing helps in identifying features of a song such as pitch, tempo, etc… I feel that in Audio digital signal processing all the problems are already solved, but with machine learning I see how can we improve audio or music apps to be more intelligent and expressive. My dream is to have a profitable audio app and become an expert on my subject. I will do whatever it takes to keep pursuing it!


So as I’m writing this in the bus I had an interview yesterday to work from home in my next rotation with the current company I am. I honestly don’t care what kind of work I do as long I can optimize my life and save time working from home. My plan is to workout at lunch and live a more healthy life as I think going to a cubicle drains my energy.

April 1st is my next rotation to be uncomfortable again and meet new people that will push me to be better. An area that I’m lacking is going out on weekends, I just cant give up my social life, it’s a struggle to just be at home not meeting new people. Maybe going out isn’t the problem and drinking is since that takes a lot of my energy the next day. I need to solve that asap…

I’m obsessed with having a better life.











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