DSP class

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It’s been a while but I’m still in the struggle to learn audio DSP and last week I started my online DSP certification from UCSD and its three classes: DSP 1, Applied DSP and Wireless DSP. I’m currently taking DSP 1 and there’ s a lot of stuff that I already know from my signals classes from college, but this time is different because I have a purpose. When I was in college I was too distracted by girls, stress from other classes and my internships, but this time I have more time to dedicate most of my time to fully learn the concepts. Hopefully in the future I am able to write my own audio effects algorithms or at least to understand what’s under the hood. Sometimes I feel I’m not going fast enough, but I have to understand that things that are worth it takes YEARS. This past month I failed a lot to wake up at 5am, I was feeling too tired, but I am still on the game. “You only fail if you quit.”

In another note, I been learning more about core audio and I found a way to create a sequencer with musicSequence and AuGraph. Also I been playing with the new messages extension(ios 10) and I want to create a simple app that morphs your voice and sends it quick through the imessage app. It seems that the msmessage framework doesn’t work well right now, so I will wait until it’s released to the public and create that app.

Another goal that I want to achieve is to stop going out on Fridays and only go out on Saturdays, the problem about moving to a big city is distractions. Friends always invite me to places and since I live close to the bars and stuff I give up easily. My next apartment will be in a more calm area but close to downtown, because I’m moving in March 2017. Other thing that I’m happy with is about my debt is going down quick and I predict I will be debt free by April 2017. When I was in college I bought a bunch of stuff I didn’t need and now I’m paying for it plus interest. After being debt free I think I will have more confidence to start a risky idea and don’t be afraid of losing my job.

When you’re pursuing your dream you’re living the dream, enjoy the process.


Great introduction on how apple handles audio with core audio


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