Moving to more advance stuff


April was a creative month and I half finished the app for the ipad.I added some delay knobs to the beat maker and I found a deal breaker. I was using audiokit framework for swift and I found sound latency. Now I’m going to try the amazing audio engine 2 in objective c and try to do a better app with low latency. Maybe it was the way I coded the app i don’t know and I want to know about what’s under the hood.

Currently I’m learning the amazing audio engine 2 in objective c, so its a big learning curve to learn objective c and the way the engine works. I have a feeling that I have a better understanding on how the audio works now. I’m trying to understand more about the buffer and how it stores and send the audio, maybe im making more complex things that are simple stuff I don’t know. I read the first chapters of “The Audio programming book” and “learning core audio”, but the books need way more time because everything is in C, but soon I will get there. I took a class in college “software design 1” in 2011 which I got a B and it was taught by a very challenging professor. In conclusion I will try and create the beatmaker with the amazing audio engine 2 with better functions.

I’m thinking of doing a certification in DSP from univ of San Diego which consists of three classes: DSP 1, Applied DSP and wireless DSP. It sounds fun and challenging but it will require a lot of focus, I think these classes will help me have better understanding in Digital signal processing. I’m not excited about the math and paying $750 per class, but I really want to learn this stuff. That certification may bring better employment opportunities, I don’t really want a job but to build audio products.Maybe in the future that certification will give make me seem more valuable if I ever do any consulting type of work, being the type of person that charges $500 an hour thats the dream! I’m blessed that I have a low stress/boring job which pays great, so I have the time to learn the things I want to learn.

In terms of fitness I’m still consistent and feel healthy, I go to the gym three times a week and eat relatively good.

I’m not going to give up on my dreams! 

I will build GREAT audio products and sell a lot of them.

In another note, I had great experiences when I go out partying and I try to do it the smart way(not wasting time ). I kind of miss playing video games and chilling, but I can’t I must sacrifice If I want to pursue my dream and have some social life. I keep myself busy all the time learning and building, I really want to be an entrepreneur.

On being alone

I don’t feel alone because I surround myself with friends and like minded people, I love living alone. People are scared of living alone and they never give themselves the opportunity to know themselves and I really recommend that everyone live alone for a couple years. People go from mommy to move in with in with a girlfriend, but I understand its scary and you feel you will never be with someone, but thats not true it just takes time to get used to it. One day I will look back and I will cherish the moments when I lived alone, I don’t know or maybe I will be alone forever. The only think that should be in my mind is to push forward everyday!

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